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10-08-2010, 11:13 PM
Windows 7 Starter is a slimmed down OS designed for netbooks. It is missing certain capabilities of the full version. One thing it's missing is the ability to have desktop wallpaper...you can have screensavers but not wallpaper~! :rolleyes:

In googling for a work-around, there are some out there involving going into the registry :eek: but I did find one that is easy.
Download Stardock MyColors.


It's a theme manager and most of their themes are to pay for but they have 3 free ones...Think Green/Diamond and AMD game. Download the program. Then download one of the free ones...Think Green gives you lots of green....Diamond gives you lots of light blue on backgrounds. AMD is red and I didn't try it.
DO NOT use the Aero one that comes with it. They say it screws up what you are doing.
Now, click on your theme and click 'apply' and let it change,,,,it will take a few minutes and look strange, don't panic and don't get anxious, let it finish.
When it is finished, on the top on the middle, click on 'wallpaper'. It takes you to your picture gallery, choose a picture and click apply and you should have a walllpaper. :banana:

02-23-2011, 11:07 PM