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10-02-2002, 12:59 PM
Hello everyone,
The problem that I was having was during shut down, I'd get the dreaded blue screen and on it would say: A Fatal Exception OE has ocurred and if I tried to do what the screen suggested which was press any key to go back to the windows screen, nothing would happen. At that point, I did the only thing that I could think of which was hit Ctrl+Alt+Del . Every time that happened,...the computer would lock up tight as a bow fiddle string and the only thing from there was to yank the plug on it to shut it off. I know.. thats unacceptable practice but that was the only option.
During my many Questions to the fine Folks here at the forum, we came to the conclusion that It was My Anti Viral program causing problems. Just about everyone had heard of Mcaffee doing something like this but it was not that common for Norton to do this. After beating our brains out for almost 4 days we figured that Norton was scanning something at shut down in effect confusing the computer ( thats the only way that I can describe it) and it just quit working. We never did get to the bottom of the problem, but we came up with a viable alternative. that is to empty my systems tray right before shutdown and it would work like a charm because there wasnt anything for it to do BUT shutdown.
Yesterday I was updating my Norton A V definitions and I decided to check on things while I was in there to make sure that I had not inadvertantly changed a setting or something without realizing it. Any one that has spent any amount of time on one of these computers , knows that this can happen. Well while I was in there, I ran across a little area in the disc Doctor page that said: run floppy during shutdown to check for anomolies. The problem that I was having came to mind and I removed that little check mark. Voila!!! The problem was solved in one fell swoop. So if you have Norton anti viral programs, and you start to get a message and or a lock up during shut down... I suggest that you check this to see if it helps you with the problem. Thanks a million Folks.. you have done so much to help me, I figured that I could at least do this for you all and for those that may have this problem in the future. You All have a wonderful day.
Charlie :D ;)
When I posted this earlier today,... I had no Idea it was as misleading as it is. So Here are directions as to what you need to do in order to accomplish this task. ..: Bring up your Nortons anti virus screen and go to the option button at the top righthand
portion of your page. Click on it and a drop down window will show up. Click on the heading Norton Antivirus and another page will appear. at the left hand side of this page,.. you will find autoprotect at the top of the list of functions. Click on it and it will expand to show Advanced and Bloodhound functions. Click on the Advanced heading and another page will show up. The header should read: Advanced Options. Go down the page until you see the heading " Activities to monitor while using floppy disc." at the bottom of this list is the term: " scan floppy disc during shutdown". remove the check mark,... press "ok" at the bottom of the page and your done. Ta Da... You shouldnt have any problems with the instructions...but if you do, holler at me and we'll go through it again. Have a nice evening Everyone.<edit>
Charlie ;) :D