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Originally Posted by hogndog View Post
Lets try uninstalling Spyware Blaster first, then reboot your machine and see if there's a change..
Originally Posted by hogndog View Post
We weren't finished yet I'm waiting for a reply, you don't know what I'm trying to do yet, why don't we wait for a
reply before making judgments?

Originally Posted by Ahduncu View Post
OK, I uninstalled Spyware blaster and so far MSE is working. That does not mean that the problem is solved, it could be that whatever glitch there is in MSE has been overcome by MSE itself or it could mean that there was some interference with Spyware blaster. We will find out, eventually, I hope.
Originally Posted by hogndog View Post
No that doesn't mean its solved but its a good start..
It has now been 24 hours since you made the suggestion, 18 hours since the OP replied, 16 hours since you said this was a good start and still you have not explained the point of removing a passive program that offers superb protection.
What are you trying to do? One very vital point of this forum is to help others learn, nobody has learned anything, including the reason for this suggestion which usually includes where the suggestion was originally found.

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*same programs as computer 1 above*

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