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Exclamation Urgent Message For All Users

Lately it has come to my attention (and to the detriment of my email inbox) that numerous posts and messages have been reported over the last couple of days. Now let me begin by saying we are the WorldStart forum. We are in no way affiliated with any other message board. This means that any issues or personal problems with members, posts, or messages from a completely different forum should not, in any way, be carried over to our forum.

At WorldStart we try to provide a forum that features valuable information, a little fun and humor, and at times heated discussion (in the case of Religion, Politics, and Controversy). Unfortunately there are some people at times that decide to ruin this experience for everyone. Given our goal of the WorldStart forum, this type of behavior will not be tolerated. I would like everyone at this time to please review the rules and conditions of being a member of our forum.


If you deem that you cannot honestly follow these rules and conditions, we kindly ask that you remove yourself from the WorldStart message board. In the event that you continue to violate these rules, we reserve the right to ban you, if not entirely delete your forum account. We are not trying to be power-hungry jerks, we are simply trying to provide a good atmosphere for the rest of our forum participants and customers. It would be unfair for a select few to ruin that for everyone else.

Now a word for our "digital vigilantes" out there. The report button is something that should not be abused. Typically reporting is for spam posts and related material but it can sometimes be used in extreme cases when a user is in direct violation of WorldStart's rules and conditions. This does not include happenings from another forum that is not ours. The report button is to be used with discretion. Reporting things numerous times in one day does not become effective. In fact it becomes quite the opposite. I'm sure you're all familiar with the old story "the boy who cried wolf."

So again I request that you review our rules and conditions to refresh your memory. We want our forum to be a place people enjoy coming to for good conversation and helpful advice. The only people that can truly make this happen are you, the users.

Take this as a warning to all of you. This needs to straighten out soon or we will shut down this forum. We would hate to do such a thing, but we have done it before and will do it again if we feel it is necessary.

Have a great day,
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