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Old 08-31-2012, 12:42 PM
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Please Commit to Stick with the Clean up until the Computer is Clean.

Very often there have been threads involving the clean up of infections that have gone on for literally weeks because the original poster only checked in once a day or every couple days or even weeks, "picks up the instructions" for the next tool, leaves until days later, posts the results, leaves again for several days to return to see the reply from the helper, picks up the next instructions, leaves again. Poster returns sometime later, posts the results of the last scan (generally showing MORE infections) and leaves again. And the cycle continues.

This makes no sense and will not get the computer clean especially while continuing to use the computer for "regular" surfing between the running of cleanup tools.
Trying to clean up an infected computer by doing one step a day, leaving to continue to surf the net is about a sensible as washing one side of your car or your kitchen floor today then washing the other side tomorrow. The clean side is going to get dirty again before you clean the other side tomorrow. It cannot be done. The very same rule applies to cleaning an infected computer. You cannot clean 1/2 today and do the other 1/2 the next day or even two or three days later...it will remain infected and likely become MORE infected until it is fully cleaned.

Most infections can be cleaned up fairly quickly if the person will stay with it until the end. It CAN be done by running the recommended clean up programs in quick succession and doing nothing else but running those programs on the computer until it is deemed to be clean. This also includes NOT using System Restore in an attempt to roll back to before the infection entered the computer, that is very hard, if not impossible to determine the exact minute the infection entered the computer. Using System Restore on a computer that may be infected absolutely will NOT remove infections but will only make removals doubly hard because the infected files remain but cannot be seen. At the end of the clean up is when the user will be advised to reset System Restore to establish a new, CLEAN restore point. Not before. Leave it alone until instructed to do so. Also, infected files in System Restore will not re-infect the computer...unless it is used. Many of the tools commonly used during clean up WILL remove infected Restore points so leave System Restore alone and let those tools do the work they were designed to do.

Malware has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last few years, especially with the prevalence of rootkits and bootkits that have to be removed First before other infections can be removed. Some of these can be harder than ever to eradicate, but usually it can be done but only by staying with the thread and the helper in a concentrated and timely manner. The final result will be that the computer is clean and infection free ,often in a matter of hours or one day not many days or weeks.

ALL helpers here are volunteers. Helpers are here because of their love computers. They know the frustration of a computer not running as it should and they want to help others keep their computers running in clean, tip-top form and speed.
Helpers follow very specific steps and use very specific tools because those are the ones that have proven to work but these steps should be followed quickly, the same day...not over a period of days or weeks. If followed quickly, exactly in the order and manner given, then most of the time the same step will not have to be repeated over and over and over. But this seems to be happening more frequently...because the person with the problem will not stick with it often resulting in repeated same tool runs, additional steps and scans because each new scan shows new infection. If the original steps are followed in a timely manner then these multiple runs may not be necessary.

Some of the requested logs are very long, each and every word and line must be read in order to interpret the findings in that log. Please give those reading the logs after posting the time to actually read and analyze the logs. Unless posted in the middle of the night here in the U.S., most logs are read within a very short time of posting and additional steps if needed are also given in very short order, so wait and see, don't post, leave and return in a couple days, check back the same day, please.

On occasion helpers have also been questioned when recommending the removal of certain programs or toolbars. I stress, RECOMMEND not order, this is a free country after all. The choice to always remove is up to the user on whether to remove or not. But when certain programs or toolbars ARE KNOWN to be suspicious, problematic, come in as bundled 3rd party software or attracting other 3rd party software which can track your internet usage and website visits, etc then, in order to be honest and clear, helpers would be remiss in failing to point these out to the poster. These types of things put a computer at risk and they must be pointed out, whether the poster wishes to heed the warning, well that is up to him or her. But for helpers not note them would be dishonest and helpers will continue to note questionable programs or activities that are seen in a log and at least know that the warning has been given to the user as it should have been.

Please don't just post and leave. Stick with it until all is clean.

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Help Us To Help You

System Restore

Stick with the Clean up
Old 08-31-2012, 01:05 PM
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And you don't want to start a thread if you are planning to go to bed early, as most helpers will continue past their bed time to help you.

And as was stated in an earlier post, "Don't attach any of the files asked for", Copy and Paste them in to the thread they are working with you".
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