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Create a System Information File

Using the System Info tool In Windows you can easily create a text file that contains detailed information about your computer.
In Windows XP click start > run. In the run line type cmd. Click OK or press enter. In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 click start, in the search box type cmd. Cmd.exe will be displayed. Right click cmd.exe and choose run as administrator.

1) In the command prompt window type systeminfo.exe. Press enter.
2) Details about your system will be displayed in the command prompt window.
3) To generate a text file that contains the system information type systeminfo.exe>C:\systeminfo.txt.
4) Press enter.
5) A system information text file will be generated and saved in the root of C.
6) Type exit to close the command prompt window.
7) Open My Computer and double click your C drive. Locate the file named systeminfo.txt. Right click the file and choose cut, or select the file and press ctrl + X on your keyboard, or select the file and click the edit menu > cut.
8) Open the folder where you would like to save the file. Right click a blank area inside of the folder and choose paste, or press ctrl + V on your keyboard, or click the edit menu > paste.
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