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Angry A Bit Of A Rant

Not impressed with Apple Support.
My husband was given an itunes card for his ipad for his birthday. He redeemed it and after much deliberation decided to use part of it for a magazine subscription. All went well until he was asked his security questions. We knew the answers but must have typed capital letters where there should not have been any and anyway after several attempts he got locked out of his account. There was nothing to say this was a temporary measure ( I have since found out it would last for 8 hours, because Google is my friend)

Instructions were to contact support so I rang the freephone apple support number for NZ - I think they guy was offshore as he was very hard to understand. After giving me a case number and his name, checking the serial number of the ipad and the account name he asked to be connected to our pc to check our itunes had the device connected - which seemed reasonable. He said he could reset the questions but after mucking around for over half an hour I was informed that the account was locked (duh, we already knew that) BUT that some sort of security I had was preventing it from being reset.
He also told me I should not have two anti virus programs running (I havn't, I have Avast free and Superantispyware Pro) He than told me I had a virus infection that needed to be dealt with and he could run some tests that would take about 30-40 minutes. I said NO, and he suggested I take it to a repair shop (not sure whether he meant the ipad ot the 'badly infected' computer) and I would have to pay for that..

All he needed to have told me was that the account would be unlocked after 8 hours and we could try again - which is what we successfully did. Instead he wasted his own time and mine and had access to my computer which is NOT infected.

I ran a full virus scan immediately after and also did a 'Smart Scan' this morning (attachment).

I feel better after that rant - and I hope I never have to contact them again. If I do it will be without having anyone poke around my machine - with no results.
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Just a question, does "Superantispyware Pro" have a virus program in it? Perhaps it may be running without your knowledge.

Sorry, after some research on "Superantispy Pro" I found that it does not conflict with other anti-virus programs..

Does not conflict with other anti-spyware or anti-virus software.
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I know how you feel. Hope the rant helped.
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