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A Must See

There has been much discussion about America's greatness, and even of it's not so greatness. But for sure, when we see what the "greatest generation" accomplished it tells me that America is still the greatest place on this planet.

This flying B-29 and the men and ladies who worked on it, and some who even helped build it, show the tremendous love we humans have for our machines. It is why we can still see ships, planes, cars etc. that were not allowed to join their brethren on the planets scrap heap. We love our symbols of our country's ingenuity and hard work.

Little known fact that after the second A bomb was dropped that Japanese still did not agree to surrender. General LeMay sent a show of force of over EIGHT HUNDRED B-29's over Tokyo to show the Japanese it was over. They agreed to unconditional surrender a day or so after this gigantic show of force.

Imagine--800 B-29's filling the sky over Tokyo and sound of 3,200 huge engines. It must have been a humbling and frightening event to witness.

Must see! Great story!


~ Bonnie
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that had to be the most exciting day for them
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