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Old 12-26-2005, 02:26 PM
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NEW: Adult Jokes & Pictures - Please Read

I'm going to post this and close the thread since the last time I left it open for your input all everyone could do was fight. Read what I say after the original post or you may be surprised one day when you can't get into OT anymore.

Here's the original:

Enough is enough.

Each day, I have to delete at least a half-dozen posts that are not appropriate for the Off Topic forum. Let me remind you that this is a family friendly site. As stated in the rules, there is to be no pornographic material of any kind. For those who are confused by this rule - no pictures of animals or humans (or combination thereof) humping. No pictures showing the "private parts" of anyone. No linking to any of the same.

My kids were in my office while I was perusing the board and I had to quickly shut down the screen before they got a good look. This board is for computer help. I don't want to see members leaving because they stumbled on OT.

As for the "adult" jokes - you may post those in RPC. They are not allowed in OT. If people can handle the normal content of RPC then a few adult jokes isn't going to hurt.

Thanks for your cooperation.

If only that would have worked.

Since it didn't I'm going to try something else. I hope ya'll are reading:

If you can't abide by the rules above, I'll add you to our new "restricted member" list. This does not allow you into OT anymore. You can play in the PC forums, but not in OT or RPC (don't even think about posting OT stuff in the other forums - that will result in a permanent ban from the board).

If I have to delete more than 2 posts of yours every week or two due to inappropriate content, I'm going to place you on that list for a couple weeks. I really don't care if you get ticked off an leave anymore. I donít' have time for it. If you can't abide by the simple rules of this forum, then you'll not be allowed to post here anymore.

~ Steve
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