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Question Transfer iPod songs to iPhone

Hello, Is it possible to transfer from an iPod-3G songs to an iPhone? and if you can, how would it be done, thanx.
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Originally Posted by buddy44 View Post
Hello, Is it possible to transfer from an iPod-3G songs to an iPhone? and if you can, how would it be done, thanx.

Step 1

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cord and open iTunes if it does not open automatically. Click the device icon for your iPod in the left column of the iTunes application window.

Step 2

Click the "Music" tab and check the "Sync Music" box. Click "Apply" to sync your iPhone. iTunes will automatically import purchased music from your iPhone into the "Purchased on iPhone" playlist. Click the "Eject" icon next to your iPhone's device icon and disconnect your iPhone.

Step 3

Connect your iPod to your computer and click the device icon when it appears in iTunes. If you have the automatic management and updating feature enabled, click "Sync" to sync your iPhone and import all new music in your iTunes library, including the music imported from your iPhone. If you have the manual management feature enabled, proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Select the music from your iPhone you want to import from your iPod. You can import music purchased on your iPhone or music in your iTunes library you have previously imported to your iPhone. Use the "Shift" key to select songs in a row or the "Command" key to select songs that are not next to each other.

Step 5

Click your selected songs and, still holding your mouse click, drag them to your iPod's device icon. Release your mouse to drop your songs into your iPod's music library when you see the green "+" symbol. To add music to a specific playlist, drag and drop your songs directly into the playlist. Click "Apply" to sync your iPod and save your changes.
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transfer ipod song to iphone

It is helpful to use iTunes to transfer music from iPod to iPhone.
open your iTunes on your laptop
on iPhone- go to settings
tab click on music
go to the bottom of this screen, it says "HOME SHARING"
log in with your apple ID
save it
Now go to the other device you want to transfer your music ( target phone or iPad)
follow the same steps on the phone
get out of the your setting
go to iTunes on your phone
tab click shared, it will ask your library name , select it
it will refresh it with in few seconds
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