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Inserting A Hyperlink

1) In the new post window click insert hyperlink on the toolbar.
2) The insert hyperlink window will open. Enter the web address of the website you want to create a link to. You can type the address or copy & paste the address. Click OK to close the window.
3) The Hyperlink will be inserted into your post. You can leave the link as it is or you can change the text that will be displayed for the link. For example you can create a hyperlink to www.google.com and that is the text that will be displayed when your create your post or you can create a hyperlink to www.google.com but change the text for the link to say “click here to go to Google” If you would like to change the link text you do this after you insert the hyperlink into your post. In this example you would change the second http://www.google.com to “click here to go to Google”

Before: http://www.google.com
After: Click here to go to Google

4) To remove the hyperlink, select the link and then click the remove hyperlink button on the toolbar.
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