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Windows 7/8.1 Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 problem steps recorder is tool that records your screen and all of the actions you take. The tool is useful if you are experiencing problems with your computer and need assistance from someone else to solve those problems. You can use the problem steps recorder to record your problem, save a file of the recording and send that file to someone else for review. After recording the video the file will be compressed and saved as a zip file. The video can be viewed in a web browser.

Recording a problem
1) Click start. In the search window type psr or psr.exe. In Windows 8/8.1 open the charms menu > search and type psr or problem Steps Recorder.
2) In the search results window click record steps to reproduce a problem or click psr.exe. In Windows 8/8.1 click steps recorder.
3) Problem steps recorder will open.
4) To start recording click the start record button. An icon will be displayed in the taskbar indicating that you are in recording mode.
5) Perform the actions on your computer to reproduce the problems you are having.
6) If you would like to add a comment click the add comment button. Type your comment. Click OK.
7) When you are finished recording your actions click the stop record button.
8) The save as window will open. Choose a location on your computer to save the file. In the file name field type a name for the file. Click the save button. A zip file will be created.

Sending the file to someone else
After recording your problems a zip file will be created. The original file is compressed and packed to make it smaller for sending. There are many ways to send the file to someone else. You can insert the file as an email attachment or use an online site to host the file. There are many free online file hosting sites available. If you find the file is too large to attach to an email message or your internet service provider or the receiver’s internet service provider blocks zip files you can use an online site and send the person a link to download the file.

Free online file hosting sites
Microsoft One Drive: More than just a file hosting site. Microsoft One Drive allows you to store, access and share documents, photos, music and more. You can password protect your files and control who uses them. One Drive also offers free email and Microsoft Office online.
DropBox: DropBox offers 2GB of free online storage. DropBox works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
Boxnet: Boxnet offers 5 GB of free storage for files, music and videos.

Problem recorder settings
The setting menu will allow you to choose an output location to save the file. If you do not choose an output location you will be prompted to choose a location to save the file after recording. Enable or disable screen capture. Enabling screen capture will capture screen shots with the click information. If your screen contains personal information such as passwords, financial information or other information you do not want recorded disable screen capture. You can also choose the number of screen captures to store. The default setting is 25, you can increase or decrease that number. Problem steps recorder will record the number of screen captures you select. For example if you choose to leave it at the default level of 25 and you capture 30 or 40 screen shots only 25 will be saved. The most recent will be saved so if you go over the number the screen shots from the beginning will be lost.

1) Click start. In the search window type psr.
2) In the search results window click record steps to reproduce a problem or click psr.exe.
3) Problem steps recorder will open.
4) Click the drop down next to (?) Click settings. Make any changes. Click OK.
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