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Set USB Drive To Use Same Drive Letter Each Time It Is Connected

Setting a USB drive to use the same drive letter each time you connect it to your computer can be useful if you use the drive for back up purposes. If you are using a backup program such as Karen’s Replicator or Cobian Backup to automatically backup your data you must specify a path to the backup location. If you are using a removable USB drive as your backup media the drive letter may change each time you connect the drive to your computer causing the backup to fail. Assigning a “static” drive letter to the USB drive will force Windows to use the same drive letter each time the drive is connected.

1) Plug the USB drive into a USB port on your computer.
2) Click start and in the search box type disk management, or press the Windows key + s to open the search dialog and type disk management. Select create and format hard disk partitions. The disk management window will open. You can also right click “computer or this PC” from the right click menu choose manage, or open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.
3) You will see all of the drives that are currently attached to your computer.
4) Right click the USB drive and from the right click menu choose change drive letter and paths.
5) Click the change button.
6) Select the option to assign the following drive letter and use the drop down to choose the drive letter you would like to use. Choose a drive letter between M and Z. It is best to not choose E, F, or G, those drive letters are often assigned to devices such as DVD or CD drives and may change if the drive is not always connected.
7) In the window that opens select yes to change the drive letter.
8) Close the disk management window. Now each time you connect the USB drive to your computer the drive letter you selected will be used.
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