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What to have ready when calling for technical support

When calling a company for support it is useful to have the following information ready before making the call.

If you are having trouble with a device, try going to the manufacturers website and then to the troubleshooting/support section. You may be able to solve the problem yourself. Or try searching for the problem using an internet search engine. Other users may have had the same problem and you may be able to find an answer online.

Check the warranty status before placing the phone call. You can often find the warranty information on the product itself or in the documentation that came with the product. You can also go to the manufacturer’s website and frequently they will have a section that allows you to enter the serial number of the product to look up the warranty information.

Log all of the details about the call. The date and time you placed the call. The phone number you used, the full name and ID number of the person you talked to, what troubleshooting steps were taken during the call, any phone numbers or addresses you may need if you are returning the product, any case numbers, issue numbers, reference numbers, incident numbers or ticket numbers the support technician gives you. Anytime you call for support a number will be assigned to the case. If the support technician does not give you this information be sure to ask for it. If you are sending the product back for replacement or repair log all of the information related to the return such as what shipper will be used, who pays for shipping, how should the product be packaged for shipping, what items should be sent back and how long the expected turn over time will be. Ask if you can track the shipment online.

If you are calling for technical support for a product have the serial number, product number and the make and model number ready. If you have the receipt for the product have that ready. The receipt should show the date purchased, where the item was purchased and how much you paid for the product.

If you are calling for technical support for a computer, laptop or other electronic device, be sure you have the device in front of you. When you call for support the technician will most likely walk you through troubleshooting steps over the phone so you will need to have access to the device.

If the device you are calling about is a computer and you are receiving an error message, note the complete error message. If you can take steps to reproduce the error tell the technician how you are doing that. Know what operating system and what version of the operating system you are using. If you are calling about a specific program know the name and version number of the program. Tell them when the problem started and what troubleshooting steps you may have already taken.

Set aside at least a half hour for the call. The call may take more or less time but normally it is not a quick phone call.

If you are not satisfied with the technician you talk to, do not be afraid to ask to talk to their supervisor or for the next tier of support.
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