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Unhappy apk app

How do I add a apk app to my samsung avant phone,,, I have downloaded a sticker app to my PC but now i want to move it to my phone, , but i don't where to put it,,, I wanated this app to add some of the stickers to my text.
can someone please help,,,,,,,
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Hi, see if i can help you or not.
1. Installing app Using The Conventional Method
Step 1: Install File Manager
Android does not natively come with any method of browsing the data on your SD card, so you will need to install a file manager from a market. There are a large variety of file managers available on Android, but my personal favourite is ASTRO File Manager.

Step 2: Copy .apk file to SD card

Once you have ASTRO File Manager installed, connect your Android device to your PC using your USB cable. Mount the SD card and copy over the .apk file you would like to install.

Step 3: Install .apk

On your Android device, navigate to the .apk file using ASTRO File Manager and select it.

This will open a dialog box allowing you to install the app. Select “Open App Manager“.

On the next two pages, select “Install” and “Install” again to install the .apk.

Your new app is now installed.

2. Installing app using Dropbox
Dropbox is really a versatile app and is a waste if we don’t fully utilize it. The method is simple. In your computer, download the apk file to your Dropbox folder. Let it finish syncing. In your phone, open the Dropbox app, navigate to the folder where you keep the apk file, click on it. Dropbox will then download the apk file. The usual installation follows.

Source: Download apk file for free - choilieng
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