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What is BDARemote?

My computer was acting very strange. On bootup, a message appeared something to the effect the OpenOffice is already running and that it would corrupt system for another copy to open up...something to that affect. This message came one when I started computer up. I didn't have an open office application open.

I decided to see what was running on startup. In the system configuration (misconfig(, I notice there is "BDARemote" in the start up. What is this?

I am using Vista. Oh, I forgot to mention that the computer "shutdown" by itself, while I was surfing.

Thanks for your help.
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Originally Posted by MikeN. View Post
Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't manually update a driver but I'm wondering whether it is part of Vista's update. Have to do more investigation.

I may have to start another thread on the open office message on start up.

Thanks again.
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Go through your startup using msconfig and remove any openoffice as they are not necessary. Reboot and see what happens now.
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