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Question Win 8 recovery disc????

Just got a new computer. It has Win 8 installed. Never thought I'd miss Vista.
I got the book "Teach yourself visually Windows 8" So far, not a bad book.
I want to make a recovery disc. Boot disc????
In the book it says "Create a recovery drive"
It talks about inserting a USB flash drive.
I want to create a disc insted of using a flash drive.
Computer has a DVD in it.
Can I just burn a disc????
Is "drive" the new name for "disc"?????
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Make & model number of new computer. If its a laptop it should already have the program on there.
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Sorry, forgot to add it to the post.
It's an ASUS. Model X55A
Cheap one, but good enough for what it's being used for.
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As MM said, there is a program installed on the computer that will help you burn these recovery DVD's.
I believe it is called Al Recovery Burner. The Icon for the program may very well be ON the Desktop.
It is very simple to do, it will walk you through the process, you likely will need more than one DVD-R disks...they must be DVD-R disks, NOT DVD-RW, so if you don't have any then you must buy some before you do this.

Here is a video showing how to do this:


Here also is the user manual for your computer, page 88 tells you how to burn these DVD-R's


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Thanks, I'll make a disc soon.
Thank you very much for tha link for the manual.
How come they don't give a manual with the computer?????
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Same reason they don't include the DVD's with it like they used to. What would it cost them 5 cents for a DVD. I never could figure this out.
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