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Manually updating AVG...".bin" file???

I have downloaded an update for AVG. The update is named as follows: u610nh04.bin
Now, the problem is that I do not have a program to open the file. What do I need to be able to open a ".bin" file???
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How did you download this update?

Normally, if you manually download an AVG update from within the program the updating process is automatic, you just follow the prompts.

Open AVG Control Center (right click the icon in the system tray and choose "Run AVG Control Center"), click on "Update manager", click on "Update Now" and follow the prompts. Be aware that sometimes AVG's servers get overloaded and if the download times out when you click "Update Now" try again later. Also see this thread for a workaround.

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I found this info at the Grisoft site for manually updating AVG.

1. Download the .bin file to the UPDATE subdirectory of the AVG directory (note: the AVG directory is the directory where AVG Anti-Virus Free edition is installed).
2. Run AVG Anti-Virus Free edition.
3. AVG Anti-Virus Free edition will locate and install the new Update file automatically.

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AVG updating .bin file

I went to the AVG site and downloaded it because the updater on the program wasn't working.
As far as changing all that ini.file to old and all that stuff, I am as lost as it gets.
You know I think that it automatically worked when I reopened the AVG software.
Thanks for all the help.
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