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welcoming a new daughter-in-law

Would like to find a letter someone wrote that is welcoming a new daughter-in-law to the family.

I am not very good at composing letters and saying what I feel.
does anyone have any ideas where I can go to get some good ideas.
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It would be best if it is written in your own words. Writing about feelings can be very difficult. I would begin by putting together a list of feelings that I was having about this situation (I'm assuming it is a positive thing).

Feeling Word List

When using this word list don't hesitate to look words up in the dictionary. There are many many words to express feelings and some of them are not well known. If you don't have a dictionary handy you can go to Dictionary and look them up there.

After you have made a list of feeling words take each word and make a single sentence with that word.

You could begin the letter by simply saying "[Insert NAME] Welcome to the family!" and then begin fitting your sentences into the letter in the way that seems best to you. Obviously you may have to create one or more sentences that would fit it all together such as the "Welcome to the family!" above.

An obvious example of a feeling word would be "Happy". And here is an example of a sentence using the word happy, "I am so happy that you are now a part of our family." (Or if not yet married... "I am so happy that you will soon be a part of our family").

Again I will say I don't think it is good for anyone but yourself to write this letter. As it is something personal from you to the new daughter-in-law. But I will be happy to make suggestions if you would want further advice and assistance. Simply post back here.

If you would like assistance in real-time as your composing post back and we can discuss the possibilities of that.

Relationships are ours to make; we define them, day by day,
by who we choose to love and how we choose to love them.
And, by these choices, define ourselves. Richard N. Patterson
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welcoming a new daughter in law

Good advice above. After a rough draft, read it out loud. Keep refining it.
Keep it short while making your view known.
hawk feather
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