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Google Earth for Windows'98 ?

How I envy those of you who have higher spec. comps than my self. Before I'd noted minimum requirements I went through the procedure of downloading, only to find almost at the end that windows '98 wasn't good enough.

Some kind person recommended another similar site, with an apology that it was only B&W, but more than that, it was for the USA only.

So here I sit, alone in the UK, with a computer that was with Noah on the Ark, unable to see the sites of Google Earth.

If anyone knows of anything similar, or if Google Earth can be accessed for little old me, I'd sure be gratefull.
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AFAIK you (and I) are outta luck.

MS's Terraserver (http://terraserver.microsoft.com/) is similar to Google Earth -- but, for the moment at least, is US only.

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Here's one from N.A.S.A. that I tries not to long ago, but it's kinda big (184 mb) and once installed and updated, I believe it was close to 500mb.
It was very comparable to googles though IMHO.

# Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP
# Intel Pentium 3, 1 GHz, or AMD Athlon or higher
# 256 MB of RAM
# 3D Graphics Card
* nVidia GeForce 2 Ultra
* ATI Radeon 7500
* Intel Extreme Graphics 2
# DSL / Cable connection or faster
# 2 GB of disk space

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Thanks for that. I decided to proceed and once their home page came up, I thought it looked vaguely familiar. I went on and yes, I had tried it before and for the life of me I can't remember why, but somewhere along the line there was a reason why I didn't proceed, either that or it wouldn't allow me. Either way, thanks, someone else might benefit from your information.
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This does almost the same thing without some of the extra features of Goggle Earth.

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Maybe you can try this: http://virtualearth.msn.com/
It works with 98SE. Not sure about using dial-up though...speed?
It does cover more than the U.S. though.

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went to visual earth link Keagle. Got ready to download it and Norton came up saying there was something wrong so I just have it in a zip file. gonna try and scan it again and see what it says. Oh also, it mentions using ActiveX controls. Don't think I want to have Active X on my computer. Don't know why, but think its not a good thing.
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